Screening of "The Swimming Diaries," filmed at Clontarf Baths

24 Feb 2024
The Swimming Diaries at Clontarf Baths

We've got some news that bridges our community with the world of film. "The Swimming Diaries," directed by Susan Thomson.

This film stands out for its unique approach, blending documentary elements with experimental fiction. It tells the story of Susan Thomson's personal journey, swimming 25,000 meters during a challenging time in her life, and how this physical challenge intertwined with her emotional journey through her mother's passing.

Filmed at Clontarf Baths, "The Swimming Diaries" is an adaptation of Thomson's book, creatively using dance, music, and archival footage to bring her experiences to life on screen. It’s a project funded by the Arts Council under the Reel Art scheme, highlighting its cultural significance.

The film is scheduled for screening at the Irish Film Institute on Wednesday, 28th at 18:30.