Past Resident Part of Largest Collective Art Exhib in the World!

08 Sep 2021

Luis Barroeta, previously a resident here in Clontarf, has been featured in the World's largest collective art exhibition - "be ** pART". Barroeta, whose work is being displayed in the Roman gallery 'Atelier Montez' alongside 880 global artists, cites Clontarf as having a huge inspiration for his work.

The exhibition, which has been showcased on Atelier Montez's social channels since March 2020, will relaunch this October 13th, 2021, for in-person visits. The ceremony will be live-streamed, with the curator Marcella Magaletti, giving a full gallery tour.

The exhibition features 30 single canvases per person, 10x10 cm in dimension.

Barroeta, originally from Argentina, spent 2 years living in Clontarf with his host family on Seafield Road.

He likes to paint using spirits in his pain pouring cocktails. His formula is acrylic paints, silicon oil, vinyl glue, spirits and fire flames. The canvases that represent Clontarf include whiskey! He has amazing memories of Clontarf, the Irish people and all the lovely staff and customers at Kelly’s Off License where he worked while living here.

Best of luck with the exhibition Luis!