Seamus O'Rourke Returns to the Viking With a Fantastic New Show

01 May 2023 - 20 May 2023 Viking Theatre, Clontarf

🎭 Come and witness Seamus O'Rourke's latest play, "The Ballad of Mossy Flood," written and performed by the talented playwright himself.

Mossy Flood is known for his roundabout way of telling stories, which never fail to leave his audience in stitches while also encouraging self-reflection. Though he may seem like a socially awkward outsider, his relatable experiences make his struggles with everyday life all the more valuable. And, of course, being a native of Longford only adds to his appeal.

Having gained immense popularity on social media in recent years, Mossy Flood is now the beloved character of Seamus O'Rourke's new show, "The Ballad of Mossy Flood." This production is sure to provide an entertaining and thought-provoking experience that may even save us from self-destruction.

The Viking Theatre is thrilled to have Seamus O'Rourke back on stage. He has already graced the Viking with performances in shows such as "Padraig Potts Guide to Walking," "Indigestion," "Sandpark," "Thank You, The Handyman," and many others, always playing to packed houses. Due to his popularity, book early for "The Ballad of Mossy Flood," playing nightly at 8:00 pm. Tickets for all seats are available at €20. But for a limited time only, on Monday, May 1st, there is a special offer of €10 seats. For more information and tickets see the Viking Theatre website. 😉