What's Happening at St. Anne's Rose Festival 2016

14 Jul 2016

We're delighted to (finally) be able to give you all the details of the St. Anne's Park Rose Festival 2016! The festival takes place this weekend (Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th of July) 10AM - 6PM both days, and we've been told there will be parking available along the avenue in St. Annes which is accessible from Sybil Hill Road.

What's Happening?

It's is a jam-packed event this year with everything from Tango demonstrations to bee-keeping to live lizards and frogs from the Herpetological Society of Ireland! Here're just a few of the activities on offer:

The festival will feature a host of garden centres, florists and a wide range of trade stands and farmers markets providing a selection of produce for everyone to enjoy. 

Irish Wildlife Trust will be offering tours to showcase Tommy Cragg's incredible tree carvings, discussing the wildlife and where each could be found in the Dublin Bay Biosphere!

With this year's focus on wildlife, there are tons of great activities including interactive displays about birds, seaweed, lizards, and more. The Fingal Bee Keepers' will have a display beehive where you can see bees in action, as well learning about urban food growing with the newly planned Dublin City Farm. 

All this is only a FRACTION of what is going on over the weekend with Falconry Displays, Horse and Carriage Rides, Tai Chi Demonstrations, Living History 1916 Displays, Climbing Walls, a Carousel...the list goes on! 

Music throughout the weekend will be provided by the Mongoose Band, Prairie Dawgs and Ballet Fusion, and be sure to listen out for Near FM who will be broadcasting live from 12:30 to 3:30 on the Saturday.

Event List and Site Maps

For a larger version of the image above listing the activities click here.

To see an event map of the entire area click here. 

To see a close-up map of Wildlife and Goodlife area click here.