Weight Loss Tips from Kevin Sheridan PT

01 Jun 2016

With the Summer season upon us, one of Clontarf's resident personal trainers Kevin Sheridan shares the following article with us, containing his insights into some of the reasons why people become overweight. Kevin, who is a proud sponsor of our site, is an expert in health and fitness with over 25 years of industry experience as a personal trainer. 

Why am I overweight?

Here are the top 3 most likely answers:

1) Metabolism is under-performing. A common reason for poor metabolism is diet consisting of convenient or take away fast foods.

2) Emotional eating. Emotional eating is a conditional response to an emotional situation. Junk food is the main culprit here, it destabilizes your blood sugars creating spikes and dips, and upsets your natural rhythms and cycles. Foods with high fat content, saturated fats, and hydrogenated oils create an imbalance in the brain. Factors such as stress trigger a subconscious response to seek the sense of reward that we mentally associate with certain types of food.

3) Chemical Addiction. If a person's taste-buds identify a certain taste that is enjoyed, they can cause a craving for it.

Golden Rule Number One: "What you eat you crave"

Nutritionists and health experts often talk about counting calories, some offer more insightful recommendations such as simple carbohydrates versus complex carbohydrates, but what does all of this mean to you? Most of these experts fail to mention one of the main factors behind excess weight which is the chemically enhancing agents. These chemical additions create the addiction. This fast food industry is laden with man-made artificially enhancing agents which add flavor and contribute to a longer shelf life. Trans fats such as hydrogenated fats can be found in most man-made food, this type of food will cause weight gain. The pasteurization of dairy products has been infiltrated with chemical agents. Digestive stress is a term used to describe the burdens of a toxic or acidic digestive system. An acidic digestive system will not break down food efficiently.

By making small changes to your daily eating plan can make a profound difference to your weight and wellbeing.

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