Water Restrictions remain in place

12 Aug 2012

As we enter week 2 of water restrictions, we have nothing of major consequence to report. 

The same roads in Clontarf continue to be affected and the advice remains for water to be boiled before being used for cooking or for drinking.

The DCC website refers to testing being ongoing.

We have been in touch with DCC but we have not as yet got any clarity on how the issue came about and the precise nature of the contamination. We will let you know as soon as we find out.

In addition to the ongoing issue, there was also a temporary interruption to supply for a few hours for houses at the lower end of Castle Ave and for houses on Victoria Rd (that we know of, there may have been other houses affected). This issue was caused by a pipe bursting near the junction of the Clontarf Rd and Castle Ave.

If anyone has any further information, please let us know.