Warning re green bins being set alight

04 Sep 2012

Green bin fire clontarfThere has been some recent quite serious incidents in Clontarf involving the setting on fire of green recycling bins. Usually the bin is set on fire during the night or early morning. Bins have been destroyed and a number of cars have also been damaged.

The green bins are obviously quite flammable given that they often include paper recycling. 

Our advice to residents is to, where possible, avoid leaving out your bins until the morning of the collection. (But, this may not be an option if the trucks arrive very early on your road.) It is also recommended to move the bins away from cars.

And finally, a message to arsonists:

  • Small fires such as these can get out of control quickly and can cause serious injury or death.
  • Fire can spread quicker than a person is able to run.
  • A fire that is started some distance from a home can spread to that home as burning debris is blown around by the wind. 
  • If a fire that you started spread to a house resulting in fatalities, you would be legally responsible for those deaths, and emotionally responsible for the rest of your life.