Warning issued by Howth Coast Guard re Chinese lanterns

04 Mar 2012

Howth Coast Guard - Clontarf warningHowth Coast Guard have contacted us and asked us to publish the following warning in relation to the use of Chinese Lanterns. You will note that two recent false alarms relate to the Clontarf and Dollymount areas.

"The Coast Guard would like to remind people of the dangers associated with the use of Chinese Lanterns. We encourage people living near the coast not to use them, however if you are going to go ahead we ask the public to contact the Coast Guard prior to using them.

As the picture shows it can be difficult to recognise the difference between a Chinese lantern and a red marine distress flare, the latter used by water users like sailing boats and kayakers to indicate they are in immediate danger and require urgent assistance.

This message comes after a week of two false alarms in Clontarf/Dollymount area where the Coast Guard unit from Howth have had to respond to investigate, This also serves as a reminder to people that if they do see what appears to be a flare over the water to ring 999 
or 112 and report the location to the Coast Guard. Your call could save a life.