Update: Wallet with Sentimental Photos Found

16 Aug 2017

UPDATE: This story was shared on Facebook almost 350 times, eventually trickling onto the radar of a friend of the son of the owner who is  from Aukland, he then alerted her son in California! He contacted his mother who had lost the wallet while visiting Clontarf earlier this week and is over the moon that she hasn't lost the wallet for good. 

From Dublin to New Zealand to America and back to Dublin again in less than 15 hours!

A small brown wallet was found yesterday, Tuesday 15th August, at the bottom of the Howth Road. The wallet contains old black and white photos as well as more recent coloured photos of two boys (as seen above), so it's possible that this belongs to an elderly person who may not be on social media. 

We are sure this wallet is of some sentimental value to someone, so please like and share and if you think you know someone who might be missing these, get in touch via private message or email info@loveclontarf.ie