Update on Sea Wall - Line Indicating Final Height!

31 May 2016

The following is an update on the Sea Wall, sent to us by Clontarf Residents' Association and Clontarf Business Association.  

Following on from last Friday's update on the height of the Sea Wall, the contractors have now removed the old cladding samples and have finished drawing the blue line between the two lowered sections of the wall. 

The blue line indicates the final height of the wall based on the 300mm reduction offered by DCC. The photos below give an indication of the improved position, but it is probably best judged first hand. 

Please have a look at it on your next trip by there, and let us know what you think in the comments below, or by email to clontarf.res.assoc@gmail.com. 

Clontarf Residents' Association

Clontarf Business Association