Update on Judicial Review | St. Pauls Playing Fields@ St Annes

16 Jul 2018

The following is an update from the CRA & I Love St Anne's

At the last hearing, An Bord Pleanála accepted that they had erred in their Order granting permission for a large-scale residential development on the playing fields to the rear of St Paul’s College, Raheny.  

Today, the Board proposed an Order, in the Peter Sweetman case only, admitting the error and seeking to have the case remitted back for a new decision.  This would effectively mean that the substantive arguments in our case would not be heard.  Ultimately, we would be likely to be back in court in a matter of weeks with a new Judicial Review.  

Accordingly, we did not consent to the proposed order and neither did the legal team in the Sweetman case.    Judge Barniville adjourned the case until Friday when he will hear the arguments for quashing the decision outright, which we are looking for.  

We will continue to  provide updates but in the meantime, you can contact us at Clontarf.res.assoc@gmail.com or ilovestannes1@gmail.com