Update on Hollybrook Road - North City Arterial Watermain

23 May 2012

We have received the following update via our local councillors in relation to the North City Arterial Watermain which is to run up Hollybrook Road and Hollybrook Park.

The update was originally provided to the local councillors by Adrian Conway, Senior Engineer at Dublin City Council. It reads:

"The proposal is to construct a 400mm watermain from the Clontarf Promenade area opposite Hollybrook Road across Clontarf Road, and up Hollybrook Road and Hollybrook Park (within the road carriageway) to connect to an existing Dublin City Council watermain on Howth Road.

The pipe will be laid in a trench, approximately 1.2m to 1.5m deep. This will involve an open cut excavation, followed by pipelaying and reinstatement. This is a branch from the 600mm arterial watermain to be constructed along Clontarf Road.

The work will involve some disruption to traffic and parking , but local access will be maintained. We will have to agree all traffic management issues with Dublin City Council Traffic Department. The overall length of time to complete the Hollybrook Road / Park sections will require a separate analysis and I will revert to you as soon as I can on this point.

However, the intention would be to work from Clontarf Road towards Howth Road and reinstate as we go, keeping the works area and the time spent in any particular area to a minimum. This branch formed part of the overall North City Arterial Watermain and Clontarf Flood Defence Project which is not now proceeding.

However, Dublin City Council is proceeding with the watermain as it is required to ensure an adequate level of service to people living in the Clontarf and North East City areas. The current proposal is to carry out those works that are within Fairview Park this year. The intention is to invite tenders for Phase One of the remaining works, which will include the Hollybrook Road branch, later in 2012, with a view to carrying out construction in 2013.

I would welcome the opportunity of meeting with the residents of Hollybrook Road before we invite tenders in order to ensure that their concerns are fully taken into account in the tender documents, insofar as is possible. I trust the above information is of assistance – if you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me."

We have no other information other than this and we will let you know if and when the meeting mentioned is set up.