Update in relation to Flood Defences for Clontarf Promenade

11 Feb 2014

Next Monday, 17th February, our local Dublin City Councillors will discuss a brief relating to a preliminary flood alleviation project.  This document is the latest stage of work being undertaken by a joint working group comprising representatives from Clontarf alongside officers of Dublin City Council.

This is the first step in procuring a flood relief project for Clontarf which not only protects the environs from coastal flooding but at the same time preserves the safety of the environment and promotes the amenity of the promenade park.

This brief is based on a vision statement which was agreed by the joint working group in June 2013.  The joint working group was established in February 2013 to specifically work on finding an acceptable solution to the flood problem without damaging the existing amenity or compromising public safety.

The progress made by the joint working group demonstrates the value of a multi- disciplinary team working with representatives of the community. 

This document will be discussed at the next Dublin City Council North Central Area meeting and Clontarf Residents’ Association and Clontarf Business Association will ask our Councillors for feedback and reaction after this meeting.

The full document can be access here in PDF format.

Click here to read the Vision and Roadmap document that underpinned recent discussions with DCC.

UPDATE: Members of the CRA/CBA Flood Committee have been invited to attend as part of the audience at a Primetime debate on RTE1 later tonight (Tuesday).