Update from CRA re Sea Wall issue

21 Feb 2016

The following is an update from the Clontarf Residents' Association re the Sea Wall opposite St. Anne's Park:

A date of 26th February has finally been set for the long awaited meeting with DCC.

The purpose of the meeting will be to discuss the recent draft report of the Independent Consultant, Dr. Jimmy Murphy, who was appointed by DCC to review the wall height.  We welcome the fact that Dr. Murphy's report agrees with our position that the wall in front of St. Anne's Park can be lowered.  We look forward to progressing matters on the day and to reaching a mutually acceptable solution.

The City Manager, Owen Keegan, has still not responded to our correspondence.  We therefore do not have written confirmation that he will honour the Councillors resolution of the 11th of November and not recommence works on the wall until agreement has been reached.  We have written to all of our elected representatives asking them the steps they have taken to ensure that Mr Keegan will honour that resolution.  We will post details of their responses shortly.  Meanwhile, if you meet them on the election campaign trail make sure you ask them what they are doing about the Sea Wall.

We would like to thank our local Councillors for agreeing to the meeting going ahead on a day that many of them will be busy with Election 2016.

Clontarf Residents' Association