Update from CRA re City Centre Cycle Route

14 Oct 2017

Update from Clontarf Residents’ Association re Clontarf to City Centre Cycle Route

In March of this year we advised residents of DCCs plans to provide new cycle tracks from Alfie Byrne Road in Clontarf to Amiens Street in the City Centre.  These plans also included changes to junctions, removal of existing parking facilities, additional pedestrian crossings, removal and replanting of trees, etc.   While we welcomed improvements to cycling and other transport facilities, we did have a number of concerns about these proposals which we brought to the attention of DCC.

In response to the volume and range of observations received by DCC, they organised some non-statutory consultation meetings last June to discuss the issues raised and to answer questions. 

One of the significant concerns raised was the plan to remove a number of trees which run alongside Fairview Park.  Following a successful campaign and petition by the Save the Fairview Trees group, DCC proposed an amendment to the original plans for the cycle route.  The effect of this amendment was that 90% of the trees that were due to be felled were now to be retained. 

However, this is being achieved by the removal of the second inbound traffic lane from Malahide Road to Edges Corner.  A queueing lane, for traffic wishing to turn right at Edges Corner, will be retained from the Footbridge onwards.  DCC acknowledged that the loss of this inbound lane would result in some additional delays during morning rush hour.  

At the October Monthly Council meeting these revised plans were approved by Councillors without debate on the implications of the proposed changes.

We welcome the fact that the historic trees are being saved and that a new cycle track will be provided for commuters.  However, we are of the view that many of the points raised in the consultation process were not addressed fully in the Report presented to Councillors and that the removal of the traffic lane was too significant a change to not warrant a full debate on the altered proposal. 

We are concerned that the approved plans will have a serious negative effect on traffic in Fairview, with a knock on negative effect on commuters from all over the Northside of the City who use the Clontarf, Howth and Malahide Roads, particularly during rush hour.