Two Great Bloomsday Events: Late Bloomers and Cyclops!

13 Jun 2023

On Friday, June 16th, the Central Bank will host two incredible reading events that will immerse you in the world of James Joyce's Ulysses.

One is called Late Bloomers: This is a fun and friendly workshop where you'll discover the joys of reading Ulysses. Guided by the amazing Rosalyn Hickey, a renowned Joyce expert and brilliant teacher, you'll embark on an enlightening journey into the depths of Joyce's masterpiece. Starts 2pm sharp. 

Before that at 12pm (noon), you can experience the power of performance as actor David Herlihy takes the stage to deliver a captivating reading from the Cyclops episode of Ulysses. Get ready to be lost in the rich language and vivid characters brought to life before your eyes. Two truly great opportunities to engage with Ulysses in a unique and immersive way and delve into Joyce's world!