Traffic Management Plan for S2S Road Closures

20 Oct 2016


Mt Prospect Ave to Dollymount Ave Road Closure

00:00hrs Monday 24th October to midnight Sunday 6th November

Outbound traffic (i.e. heading towards Howth) will be directed: 

  • from Fairview up the Howth Road,
  • from Alfie Byrne Road to Howth Road via St Lawrence’s Road, Castle Ave, Vernon Ave and Seafield Rd East.

Inbound traffic:

  • for the City Centre will be directed from Dublin Road up the Howth Road,
  • for Clontarf will be directed from James Larkin Road to Mt Prospect Ave.

Additional signage will be put up on adjoining routes advising 

“Local Access Only” - “Coast Road Closed” - “ Slow - Residential Area” - “Slow - Children Playing”.

It is important that residents understand that commuters cannot be prevented from deviating from the marked routes and there is further potential for traffic chaos similar to the chaos that ensued when James Larkin Road was closed.  

An Garda Siochana are aware of the road closures.  They will be enforcing parking restrictions in order to assist in keeping junctions moving.