Tonight's Dublin City Council Meeting - Live Stream

05 Dec 2011

The Dublin City Council meeting can be viewed tonight via live webcast on the DCC website.

The link to the relevant area is:

The meeting will also be streamed live onto the main screen in the lounge in The Sheds pub at the bottom of Vernon Avenue. All are welcome. (We would like to apologise in advance to Liverpool and Fulham supporters).

The DCC meeting starts at 6.45pm. There are a few items on the agenda before the Clontarf issue but all are expected to be dealt with quickly. So, the expectation is that the issue will be dealt with at about 7.05pm. It is not clear yet how many Councillors will look to speak on the matter before the vote takes place.

As with the last meeting, we expect to be 'live-tweeting' updates. You can follow these updates on our Twitter page (you do not need to be a Twitter account holder to view this information).