Tomorrow Final Date for Observations re Sea Wall Height!

09 Aug 2017

The following is a reminder from the Clontarf Residents' Association in relation to the height of the sea wall at the James Larking Road

Tomorrow, Thursday 10th August 2017, is the final date for observations on the planning application to reduce the height of the sea wall at James Larkin Road opposite St Anne’s Park.

The full planning application can be viewed here.

Our newsletter setting out the issues and the agreement can be viewed here.

In summary, the application gives effect to the agreement to reduce the wall by 300mm for 480m from the Causeway Road end of the new flood wall to the Lodge in the Park with the additional Health and Safety caveat that this is subject to a final finished height over footpath of 500mm including capping.

Anyone is entitled to make a submission directly to DCC about this application. CRA will be making a submission on behalf of its members. If residents have observations that they would like included in our submission please email us asap at