Tolka Estuary Greenway: Dublin's New Pedestrian and Cycling Route

06 Sep 2023

Construction of the Tolka Estuary Greenway has commenced, and Barry O'Connell, CEO of Dublin Port Company, was seen on-site. This new greenway promises an exciting opportunity for pedestrians and cyclists to access Dublin Port.

The dedicated 3.2-kilometre route is designed for both cyclists and pedestrians and runs along the northern edge of the port, providing a picturesque view of the Tolka Estuary. As part of the Tolka Estuary Project, a 6.3-kilometre distributed museum is being developed within the Port, along with plans for the Liffey Tolka Greenway, an additional tree-lined route for pedestrians and cyclists connecting the Liffey and the Tolka Estuary via East Wall Road.

Once completed, Dublin Port's Greenway will connect Dublin to the proposed National Galway to Dublin Cycleway, spanning 270 kilometres and providing a dedicated, traffic-free cycling path that follows the Royal Canal Greenway and the Old Rail Trail Greenway from Dublin to Galway City via Maynooth and Athlone. Additionally, it will link Ireland to EuroVelo 2, The Capitals Route, a 5,500-kilometre cycling route that traverses Europe from east to west, passing through Ireland, the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, and Belarus. This development will offer convenience to tourists arriving in Ireland with their bikes from Hollyhead in Wales and Cherbourg in France, as they can now embark on their journey from Dublin Port using this purpose-built greenway. For more information, you can visit Dublin Port Company's website.

[Photo Credit: Dublin Port Company Facebook Page.]