Tips for 'Light the Prom'

17 Dec 2012

Equipment tips:

  • A candle without a glass holder will not stay alight. Trust us, we tried it! Even the lightest wind will blow out your candle.
  • The flame of your candle should be well below the top of the glass container when lit. Otherwise, that wind will blow it out.
  • A tea-light will work but a slightly bigger candle would be better. The last 2-3 inches from a larger candle might work well.
  • Wider candles will stay up more easily – about 1.5-2 inches wide.
  • Prepare the top of your candle so that there’s a decent bit of wick exposed and therefore a larger flame.
  • Glass holders should be wide enough to so that the flame is away from the glass but not so wide that the wind can swirl inside.
  • Glass holders should be transparent. Suitable glass holders include; glasses (!), jam jars, glass candle holders (!!)
  • Matches are a nightmare even in light winds. A cigarette lighter (windproof ideally) is way better.
  • Test your candle and holder in your back garden beforehand to avoid disappointment.
  • When the event is over, please take your candle and glass holder home. Don’t burn your hand on the glass holder!

General tips:

  • Spread out as best you can with the candles. We have no way to predict the turnout so we can’t advise on the gaps needed between candles – you’ll need to use your judgement on the day and the stewards might be able to help.
  • Wrap up warm. We’ll only be there 25 minutes but that’s plenty of time for your fingers and toes to seize up. It’s too early to say what weather is expected but assume something between cold and colder.
  • Hats, gloves and extra socks are advisable plus several layers of clothes. Santa hats would be a nice touch...
  • Parents will know that when smaller children get cold, they cry. Be warned.
  • Umbrellas – maybe.

Safety tips:

  • Please cross the Clontarf Road at designated crossing points
  • The cycle lane will still be in use so be very careful crossing it

Singing tips:

  • You should start warming your voice up from about 2pm.
  • Don’t be tempted not to sing. You will be missing out on something truly cathartic. Exact lyrics will be posted on before the day.
  • Smile when you’re singing!!

Enjoyment tips:

  • The event finishes at 5.10pm sharp but that doesn’t mean that the fun should stop.
  • Why not extend the good vibes by inviting some neighbours in for a Christmas drink? Or maybe retire to a local bar or restaurant… it’s up to you.

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