Three New Benches Installed in Clontarf

05 Feb 2024

A message from Clontarf Residents’ Association

We would like to thank DCC for the three new benches that have been installed in Clontarf recently.

The benches are a great addition to our neighbourhood and will help those with mobility issues totake a break while out on their walk. They also provide a great meeting point for people.

The locations were chosen in collaboration with the Clontarf Business Association and Clontarf Tidy Towns and are based on walking routes to schools and through Clontarf from the Promenade to St Anne’s.

We hope to be able to add to this network of benches over the coming years. If you would like to suggest a location for a bench, please email us at

You should note that there are a number of matters to be considered when deciding on locations, primarily that benches can only be located on public property, they should not be under the canopy of a tree and that they need to leave sufficient room on the pavement for a wheelchair or double buggy to pass
with ease.

New bench at Vernon Ave