The Key to Long Term Weight loss - Tips to Get Healthy and Fit for Summer!

18 Apr 2016

Kevin Sheridan, a Clontarf based personal trainer and sponsor of has sent us on the following weight loss tips to share with all of our readers. Perfect timing for any of those who have been thinking about shedding a few pounds now that the days are getting brighter and summer is getting closer!


Dieting cannot work permanently; where else will you find people who starve themselves in an attempt to shed those unwanted pounds? It is common to feel miserable, irritable, depressed and lacking in energy. How long can a person cope with such discomfort? These dieters are sabotaging their emotional and physical wellbeing for the sake of losing a few pounds of fluid, only to be regained when normal eating habits are returned to. When you go on a diet, your system is thrown into turmoil, adding into the equation the “cold turkey” which dieters must endure as the chemical additives to which many has become addicted to are banned. This will almost guarantee failure but also it has a demoralising effect both mentally and physically. The constant searching for a permanent solution creates undue emotional pressure. What do you think about when you are dieting? The foods you love and miss. When you feel deprived, the source of this deprivation creates a longing for these forbidden foods!! How long can you hold out?  A common trait with dieters is to binge followed by another resolution followed by another break out which fuels the self-loathing and disgust with yourself.

90/10 RULE

At last, a much more sensible approach is to adopt the 90/10 rule which states that 90% of the time you adhere to the given format and 10% of the times you are allowed indulge.

A gradual shift is far more sustainable. One to two pounds per week is the recommended level. Your body will respond with remodelling its adipose cells, capillaries to match. It is crucial to lose body fat and not metabolically active muscle. How can this be achieved? By incorporating light weight training into your activities two or three per week. By eliminating saturated fats from your daily eating plan and limiting your carbohydrate intake will prove most beneficial. Do you want a quick-fix or long lasting results? 

Long lasting measures bring about long lasting results.


At last, an eating plan which is grounded in the latest and most credible medical science which offers the most realistic, satisfying eating plan that really works. The world`s largest diet study confirmed the most effective method of weight loss is to eat lots of low-fat dairy products, lean meat, fish, beans and fewer foods which are starchy or high in refined sugar. Remove white flour and rice from your eating plan.

The secret to keeping off those unwanted pounds is a HIGH PROTEIN & LOW GI (Glycaemic index) eating plan. The glycaemic index refers to the carbohydrate content and how it is converted to glucose. Foods with a low GI are slower to digest allowing you to feel full for longer. An international study of more than 900 adults and 800 children found that after 6 months, those on the high protein and low GI diet were 2 kg lighter than those on rival diets or high GI foods. 

The participants had already lost 11kg and were testing alternative approaches to maintain their ideal weight. Professor Arne Astrup of the University of Copenhagen, who led the study, found that the finding suggested official dietary advice was now redundant. His comments were surprising as he was one of the enemies of the GI plan. “I expected in this trail it would make no difference, I am really surprised.

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