The Cathy Durkin Cancer Treatment Fund

10 May 2012

This is a story which has touched the hearts of many of us over the last number of weeks.  Cathy Durkin, a Northside woman fighting anCathy Durkin aggressive form of cancer has vowed to donate money that was raised for her treatment to charity.  Cathy Durkin (41), needed €85,000 to pay for a ‘miracle drug’ called Ipilimumab, which she was told could not be covered by the HSE or private health insurers. 

However, the HSE recently announced that the drug will now be made available to up to 200 patients in Ireland, who fall within a strict criteria, including Cathy.

A major fundraising campaign spearheaded by Cathy’s family and friends had collected a staggering €72,000 up until May 4.  On her website, Cathy said "I am overjoyed,...we didn’t think we would get this far with the campaign. We thought that after it got out into the public domain it would just fizzle out.  It goes to show what people power can do.  We haven’t decided yet what charity the money will go to.  It will have to be discussed with the fundraising committee.” 

Cathy and her family and friends will continue to fundraise to help other patients in similar situations.  Cathy and her husband Michael, both chefs, have published a book full of tasty recipes called 'The 7 Day Meal Planner'.  Clontarf residents can purchase it in O'Hara's Spar on Vernon Avenue, and also in Jack n' Jill in Clontarf and Malahide. The book costs €5 and all proceeds will go to the Cathy Durkin Cancer Treatment Fund.

You can read more about Cathy's story on her website here. wish Cathy and her family all the best in the future.....