Support from around the Bay welcomed by CRA & CBA

25 Nov 2011

Paul Cooper, Roger Cagney, Pat Murphy, Charles SargentSupport for our campaign went nationwide this week with the Irish Sailing Association (ISA), representing over 22,000 members and 300 Irish clubs, rowing in beside us.

In addition all the main Dublin yacht clubs have joined forces with us including, Howth, Sutton, Rush, our own Clontarf Yacht & Boat Club (CY&BC), and across the bay our friends from the Combined Dun Laoghaire Clubs including the National, Royal St George, Dublin Bay, Royal Alfred, Motor Yacht and Royal Irish.

All are completely opposed to the flood defence system proposed for Clontarf and any further acts of defilement against Dublin Bay and have made their feelings known to the DCC. We share a common interest in protecting our wonderful Bay Area amenity from destruction and ensuring its development for the enjoyment and benefit of all.

At our information meeting on Wednesday night the Commodores of Howth Yacht Club, Roger Cagney, Sutton Dinghy Club, Charles Sargent and the CY&BC, Paul Cooper; along with the President of the CY&BC, Cass Roche and renowned international yachtsman, Pat Murphy, showed up in person to lend support. We do not fight alone and now have a combined force from the Bay Area to be proud of! We would like to thank them all for their valued support in our campaign.

Recorded interviews with each of the Commodores are now available to view on ClontarfTV. They are well worth a view if you have time.

We would like to acknowledge and thank local residents, David Robinson and Roger Cagney, who co-ordinated the involvement of the various clubs in our campaign.

Below, you can download copies of the letters of support sent to Dublin City Council by some of the clubs and associations mentioned: