Support Local Man Gordon McKay to Improve Quality of Life

30 Jun 2017

In September of 2014, Gordon McKay suffered a perforated colon. He was admitted to the ICU in the Mater Hospital, received life-saving surgery but had experienced multiple organ failures and contracted septicaemia. As a result, Gordon was diagnosed with severe Guillain-Barré syndrome, meaning he is now completely paralysed from the neck down. 

Gordon, who is from Clontarf, is now residing in a nursing home where he receives 24-hour care, after spending two years in the Mater and The National Rehabilitation Centre. Gordon’s family have said that his physical well-being has improved and he no longer relies on tracheal feeding tubes. They are hoping to raise funds to be able to invest in equipment which will undoubtedly improve Gordon’s quality of life as well physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech & language therapy to improve his swallow and speech. Gordon currently has access to an “ISeries” communication device, which allows him to use his phone to text and email, and control the television and lights in the room, however, more investment in technology could give Gordon more independence. 

As a result, Gordon’s family has set up a Go Fund Me page (click here), where anyone can donate as little or a much as they like to help Gordon reach his goal of raising €30,000. It’s so easy to donate via debit card and the process take mere seconds. The page also contains more information on the type of equipment Gordon and his hopes to be able to invest in.

Gordon who is 41 years old and has an 11-year-old daughter, Libby, is a local man through and through. Hailing from Conquer Hill (where he still lives), he attended Belgrove and St. Paul’s and also worked in Nolan’s Supermarket for many years. Many of you may have met him over the years in the Nolan’s or down in his local, Grainger’s Pebble Beach. 

We urge all our readers to show their support for Gordon and his family by donating as much as you can. At the moment almost half of the money has been raised, so let’s help them reach their goal!