Wicked Sadie Sets Sail

30 Jun 2016

Following a three year long project, the IDRA14 Wooden Racing Dingy named Wicked Sadie was launched last weekend. The team-leader Ronan Melling thanked all involved in the project and who made the day so successful.

Ronan Gives His Thanks To All Involved

"Three years ago I had a crazy idea to build a boat. It was crazy because I have never attempted anything like it before. I didn’t know then that it would take a team of amateurs almost three years, over 6 thousand hours, three different types of wood and almost 2000 rivets to build this boat. I couldn’t have comprehended how much I would learn. I didn’t know how many incredible people would respond to my calls for help, advice and support.  I didn’t realise how many of these people, after willingly offering what they could, would stay with the project  - through ups and downs, setbacks and challenges, breakthroughs and milestones"

"All of the blood (mostly Donal Heney’s) sweat and tears culminated in the launch of Wicked Sadie on Saturday the 25th of June. Wicked Sadie is a boat with soul. Her soul, my soul, the soul of the incredible build team, of the IDRA14 class, of CY&BC."

Ronan went on to thank the club and its members for their continual support and help throughout, and also thanked the other clubs, namely East Wall Water Sports club, who shared their advice and expertise.

"We were so delighted to see so many people turn out for the launch on Saturday – to sail off in Wicked Sadie and look back and see so many family, friends, supporters and visitors line along the sea wall to wave us off was incredible. A huge thanks to all of the IDRA14s who accompanied us on that first sail around – it was amazing to have such company on the water.

"This boat is all about family, not only mine who bore all my absences with patience and good grace but the IDRA14 family. The work that we have done here in building Wicked Sadie, developing the plans, recording the stages, marking the best practice is all there for future generations, for all of those brave fools who want to pour their souls into a new built IDRA14. We have played our part and got our own Pearly Queen, our very own Wicked Sadie, who is a testament to the strength of the past and the potential of the future."

Congratulations to Ronan, his team, and all members of CY&BC from all of us here at loveclontarf.ie!