Submission re Dublin Port Company Masterplan

09 Dec 2011

Clontarf submission to Dublin Port CompanyYesterday, we made a brief submission to the Dublin Port Company in respect of their 'Masterplan' which was on display recently. The text of the letter is copied out below.

It is important to note that there is no planning application in progress so there is no specific requirement on us to make a submission at this point. We plan to engage in a more meaningful way when specific plans are put forward by Dublin Port Company. Although, they have recently stated that they will not make a further infill application for a minimum period of 10 years


Mr.Eamonn O’Reilly, CEO, Dublin Port, Alexander Road, Dublin 1

8th December 2011

Dear Mr.O’Reilly,

We in the Clontarf Residents’ Association had a meeting with Michael Sheary, Company Secretary last Friday 2nd December 2011.  Also in attendance was Joe Nolan of Dublin Bay Watch.

We were disappointed to see that the outline of the proposed infill of approximately 21 hectares (52 acres) PLUS  “Construction of a 500m long rock armour revetement and rock filled bund to the northern boundary of the reclamation area 1.3ha footprint” was represented in your drawings.  In figure 10, it actually appears as part of the existing Port.  While you have stated you have no intention of proceeding with that infill for the moment, it is obviously part of your plans for the future.  It would be the intention of the Clontarf Residents’Association to oppose any attempt to carry out this infill.

We will, as ever, monitor developments within Dublin Port as they arise. 

We are given to understand that this ‘Masterplan’ is merely an aspirational document and we reserve the right to comment or indeed object to any further development by Dublin Port.

Yours sincerely,


Deirdre Tobin

Clontarf Residents’ Association

Download the letter in pdf format here.