Street Cleaning Project extends to St Lawrence Rd and Castle Ave

29 Feb 2012

Street Cleaning in ClontarfThe recent street cleaning project that worked so well on Hollybrook Road has now been extended to two additional roads in Clontarf.

The next roads to be tackled as part of this pilot scheme are St. Lawrence Road and Castle Avenue.

The project is a joint initiative between the Clontarf Business Association (CBA), the Clontarf Residents' Association (CRA) and Dublin City Council (DCC). The next event is also backed by the St. Lawrence Rd. Residents' Association (SLRRA)

Full details:

  • Saturday 10th March 2012 at 10.45am
  • All cars need to be moved off ST LAWRENCE ROAD and CASTLE AVENUE to allow machines to clean the kerbs properly.
  • Residents on these roads are asked for their co-operation.
  • Please move your car, (for 2 Hours approx)
  • Dublin City Council will be sending a Street-Cleaning-Crew
  • If you require any further information please contact: David Doran (CBA) 086 2482863 or Tony McNally (SLRRA) 086 2537957

This is a great example of local residents working with DCC to ensure they get the best from existing available resources. The street cleaning vehicles offer a much more efficient and effective way of cleaning our roads.

This scheme also offers the opportunity for drains to be inspected properly and for remedial action to be taken. The hope being that this would enhance drain performance in the event of a rainfall flood event similar to what occured in October of last year.

There may be some additional pressure on parking on adjoining streets and car parks while the clean up takes place but it's for a relatively short period.

The scheme is sponsored by local businesses, Marlowe Cleaners and Scully Autocare.

Well done to all the organisers. We look forward to reporting on the event.