Stop the Sea Wall - How You Can Help?!

09 Nov 2015

Have your say on this crucial matter! Contact your local public representative in advance of the emergency Council meeting on Wednesday 11 Nov (6.15pm) We urge you to follow these simple steps and make sure your voice is heard! 

1. Copy all of the following emails into the ‘To’ section of your email;

2. Copy the following suggested text OR SIMILAR into the body of your email. Then add your name at the end;

Dear Councillor

I am writing to you in regards to the wall which is currently under construction along the sea-side of the James Larkin Road, between Mount Prospect Avenue and Watermill Road. 

From the open letter you have received from our local community groups on Tuesday, 10 November. It is now clear that the planning process for the S2S was flawed and also the planning conditions that were put in place have not been adhered to. Further,  your councillor colleagues have been misled on this plan from the outset.

Your sincerely,

(Your Name)

3. Send this email before Wednesday November 12th, 6pm

There IS a better way

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