Statement from TD Terence Flanagan - Sea Wall

05 Nov 2015

This week we reached out to our public representatives asking whether they would like to contribute a public statement to regarding the current issue of the Sea Wall. TD Terence Flanagan responded with this statement;

A number of local residents have contacted me to highlight their concerns about the concrete wall that has been constructed along the sea front at the junction of Watermill Road, Causeway Road and James Larkin Road. 

They are very worried that the wall will seriously impede the view of the Bay from the road and have a negative impact on what is an area of natural beauty and conservation. 

A number of people have highlighted that this area is not historically a problem flooding area and the need for a sea wall of this height is questionable. 

Concerns have also been raised regarding the composition of the wall, with some suggesting that it could be coloured concrete or reinforced glass. As it is, the white concrete wall is at risk of attracting graffiti and creating a major eyesore for the area. 

Local residents are angry that there was not more consultation with them about the proposals. 

Dublin City Council is due to hold a meeting tomorrow [today 5th November] to discuss concerns about the project, including those raised with me by Constituents. 

I have requested an on-site meeting with Council engineers to thoroughly discuss the issues highlighted and I will continue to maintain contact with them regarding this most important issue.

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