Statement from Sean Haughey - Sea Wall

03 Nov 2015

Earlier today we reached out to our public representatives asking whether they would like to contribute a public statement to regarding the current issue of the Sea Wall. Councillor Sean Haughey was the first to get in touch with us. The following is his statement; 

"Like most people, I too am shocked by the height and appearance of the sea wall now under construction opposite St. Anne's Park. I understand that this project was given the necessary planning permission by the elected Council on May 13th 2013, prior to my election to the Local Authority. I believe that there was inadequate public consultation in this regard and that the true scale of the project was never fully revealed. I will be exploring every possible mechanism available to me as a City Councillor to have these works stopped immediately in order to facilitate further discussion to agree on an acceptable alternative. It is quite unbelievable that no lessons were learned from the debacle that unfolded when a previous flood defence plan for the Clontarf Road was imposed on the local community"

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