Statement from Cllr Damien O' Farrell RE: Sea Wall

01 Jun 2016

On Friday 27th May we published an update on the situation with the Sea Wall, sent to us by the CRA and the CBA, a further update was then published on May 31st. In this update, the two organisations noted that they would be asking our local representatives for comment on the results reached at the final meeting of the Public Engagement Forum.

The following statement is from Cllr. Damien O' Farrell;

I welcome the recent updates from CRA and CBA regarding the height of the new seawall.   I believe the updates contain accurate valuable information which should be carefully considered by residents.  Visuals are vital and DCC have now drawn a line along the wall showing where a reduction (cut) of 300mm can be made.   I would urge residents to have a look for themselves if at all possible and comment.

I have been actively involved throughout the engagement process with DCC and witnessed at first hand the incredible amount of voluntary work undertaken by members of Clontarf Residents’ Association, Save Our Seafront, Clontarf Business Association, Dublin Baywatch and Raheny Tidy Towns.  I would very much like to thank them all.  

I do believe much has been achieved from a very poor starting point and again I would ask residents to carefully consider all the contents of the updates and visuals kindly provided by CRA and CBA and facilitated by  Please have a look ‘onsite’ if possible and comment as this feedback is important.