Statement from Cllr Damian O Farrell re Fairview Cycle Track

23 Oct 2017

The following is a statement from Cllr Damian O’Farrell in relation to the Clontarf to City Centre Cycle Route. To respond to Cllr. O’Farrell's statement please email him at

I believe the removal of the traffic lane is disastrous for this area and we need to come together to find a solution for cyclists and motorists.  I don't feel there has been due process as regards this Part 8 proposal and decisions have been made by DCC Mgmt without having any consultation with councillors at our local statutory area meetings. Councillors voted not to even allow discussion on the night the vote was carried and to my mind this is outrageous. 

As part of the Part 8 process once the report is laid before a full Council meeting there is a statutory 6 week period whereby a decision has to be made or else the report falls i.e  no Cycleway which is not acceptable to me.   DCC Mgmt without consultation decided to start this 6 week process.  I'm not a traffic engineer but I did submit an extensive submission at the start of this process. 

As regards the section of the road / Cycleway  between Annesley Bridge and Alfie Byrne Road I think we need to come together, agree the lane removal is not the correct option and decide to find a solution together.  Then  request DCC to present us with all the options available as I'm sure there are several and decide which is best for our community.  I'm aware that this will be a difficult choice but we should not be railroaded into removing a traffic lane.