St. Paul's Student Receives 625 Points

15 Aug 2012

Michael SuttleWe would like to congratulate Michael Suttle, a student of St. Paul's College and resident of Clontarf, on receiving 625 points in his Leaving Certificate. With 6 A1s, including A1s in Maths, Physics and Applied Maths, Michael received the highest possible score.

Michael, from Dollymount Avenue, was quick to pass some of the credit onto St. Paul's and stated:"It's a great school. I had a great six years here. Brilliant teachers who I can't thank enough".

Proud mother Edel, commended the school on the fantastic range of activities on offer and particularly singled out the transition year programme.

Dad John, a past pupil of Paul's, was wearing a very large smile despite the bad weather. He will be known to to many residents as the owner of Dollymount Gardens and more recently, The Yard Florist, on Vernon Avenue. He too was strong in his praise for the St. Paul's - "The facilities here are second to none."

Michael wants to study Theoretical Physics in Trinity College, and we wish him the best of luck in his studies and hope to see him involved in the next Mars landing!

We also popped in briefly to Holy Faith but an early breakfast get together meant we missed getting photos of the girls. The school principal, Ms Fogarty, confirmed that the school had done 'excellently'. We also have a few photos from Mount Temple which was seeing a slow and steady stream of students throughout the morning.

There are of course many other Clontarf teenagers who are doing exams in other schools such as St. Fintan's, St. Joseph's, Belvedere and CUS - to name just a few. We hope everyone got the results they were looking for.

Michael Suttle with ParentsMichael Suttle Leaving Certificate