Speed Limits - Reminder from CRA

26 Jul 2021

Message from Clontarf Residents’ Association 

Now that the schools are closed for the summer and with the good weather encouraging more of us to get outdoors, we are asking all drivers to please be mindful of their speed. 

A 30kmph speed limit applies throughout a lot of the Dublin City Council area and most of the roads in Clontarf have been subject to a 30kmph speed limit since 2018. The only roads in the area where the higher 50kmph speed limit applies are Clontarf Road, Castle Avenue, Vernon Avenue and Seafield Road East.  

In our recent request for feedback on DCC proposal to extend the 30kmph speed limit, 95% of respondents supported the 30kmph speed in the vicinity of schools, shops, on smaller roads, in housing estates etc.  

Residents may also want to take note that An Garda Siochana Roads Policing Unit recently undertook a traffic operation on Kincora Road.  It resulted in:

· 18 detections for speeding.
· 1 mobile phone offence.
· 1 seat belt offence.
· 2 unaccompanied learner drivers.
· 1 no insurance offence.

“Drive like your kids live here”