Special Notice from the team at loveclontarf.ie

06 Dec 2016

Due to a change in policy by Dublin City Council, we are no longer able to license the loveclontarf.ie domain name from them as we have been doing for almost five years. This policy change applies to all local domain names in the city that are owned by DCC.

This news has been somewhat expected and we'll explain in more detail about this at a future time but for now, we wanted to let you know that we will shortly be moving to:

*drum roll*


During the transition period, you will be redirected from any link on loveclontarf.ie to the equivalent link on Loveloveclontarf.ie so hopefully it won't be a major inconvenience for users.

We would like to thank Dublin City Council for leasing us the domain name for the first 5 years and also for helping us with a smooth transition to the new domain name.

We are also planning a totally revamped website for early 2017 and are in discussions with our fantastic sponsors on how this can be funded. More on this soon.