Seawall Works Resume | Update from CRA

19 Jun 2018

Seawall Works

Mt Prospect Ave to Causeway Road

Update from Clontarf Residents’ Association

The contractors will be returning to site tomorrow, Wednesday 20th June, to complete the seawall works on the coast road from Mt Prospect Avenue to Causeway Road. The works are expected to take up to eight weeks. During this time the sea side footpath will be closed and the cycle track will be reduced by half. This is to facilitate the setting up of a safe site for the contractors to complete the wall, apply the cladding and install the capping. Pedestrians are asked not to walk on the cycle track but to use the crossings at Mt Prospect Ave and at the pond in the Park to cross back and forth from the sea side footpath.

While this will be an inconvenience for both pedestrians and cyclists it is good to see these completion works being undertaken. The contractors have recently remedied a number of the outstanding safety issues relating to driveways and there are a number of other minor works still to be completed between Bull Bridge and Mt Prospect Ave. We hope that these also will be undertaken within the next month or two.

If residents have any specific areas of concern in relation to the seawall works or other issues on the scheme as a whole that they would like to draw to our attention they can do so by emailing us at