Sea Wall Update From The CRA

27 May 2016

The following is an update from the Clontarf Residents' Association and Clontarf Business Association in regards to the current situation with the Sea Wall. 

The final meeting of the Public Engagement Forum (PEF) established by DCC to look at the height of the new sea wall was held on the 23 May 2016. 

As you will recall from previous updates DCC has engaged an Independent Expert, Dr Jimmy Murphy, UCC< to examine the height of the sea wall. Dr Murphy agreed with DCC that a flood defence height of 4.25m above sea level was "justified based on the design criteria used."

However, Dr Murphy also advised that a change in the design criteria would allow for a reduction in the wall height in visually sensitive areas such as opposite St. Anne's Park. A 200mm reduction is achievable by reducing the allowance for rising sea levels from 0.4m to 0.3m - this covers an estimated 50 years of global sea level rise based on current predictions. A further 100mm reduction is achievable by changing the protection level from a 1 in 200-year event to a 1 in 100-year event. 

DCC have now completed a report which confirms that, by using the roadway and the park as floodplains, the 300mm reduction in the new wall height opposite St Anne's Park is feasible even in a 1 in 200 year event and that have now given a firm commitment to this reduction in wall height, subject to appropriate Planning permission. 

Two sections fo the wall have been cut to show the impact of this reduction. This first is opposite the Duck Pond and the second is near the old slipway at the Gate Lodge. Once section is clearly much lower than the other from the landside and this is causing a lot of confusion. The apparent differences in height of these two sections are because the flood defences are built based on levels above the sea water which is constant and flat rather than above the land which rises and galls. The road the Gate Lodge is lower than the road at the Duck Pond and therefore the wall has to be higher in order to achieve the same height above the water. In order to clearly show the wall height above the path for the whole stretch, we have asked DCC to draw a line between these two sections showing where the cut will be made. We expect that this will be done by early next week. We hope this will give people a clear understanding of the proposed height. 

These two lowered sections have also been clad in the agreed finish for this section and a temporary coping is in place. We have asked DCC to remove the original sample finishes and temporary coping and we expect that this will be done shortly. 

Please have a look at it on your next trip by there and let us know what you think in the comments section below or by email to We will be asking our local Councillor to make a statement on the matter and will post these as soon as we receive them. 

Clontarf Residents' Association

Clontrf Business Association