13 Aug 2012

Saorview LogoAs you are probably aware, on Wednesday, 24th of October, Saorview will be replacing the free analogue TV signal which is received through an aerial. So, what will this mean for you? Well, if you use an aerial to receive free television, you may need to upgrade to continue receiving this service.

Even if you already know this, you could have a relative or neighbour who may not, so by using Saorview’s Helper page, you can help them get set up for Saorview before the 24th of October, so they won’t be without their television service after the Analogue Switch-Off.

Upgrading so that you can receive Saorview consists of buying a Saorview set top box, which retail from between €60 and €100. Alternatively, you can buy a Saorview-Approved TV, which eliminates the need for a set-top box, and these will retail from about €120 for the smallest size.

However, some households may need a new aerial. You can test whether you will need a new aerial or not by checking which channels you are currently receiving. If you are receiving TV3, nothing needs to be done. If you receive RTE 1, RTE 2 and TG4, but not TV3, the aerial is pointing in the wrong direction. If you receive neither TG4 or TV3, you likely need a new aerial.

Please keep in mind that if you are currently using a paid digital television service such as Sky or UPC, you will continue to receive service from that, though you may need to upgrade to Saorview for other televisions in your home which are using analogue.