Sale of St Pauls College Land - CRA Statement

20 Mar 2015

***The following is a Statement from Clontarf Residents' Association with regard to the sale of St. Paul’s College lands including playing pitches***

News broke almost two weeks ago that the Vincentian Order has sold some of the lands including playing pitches to a developer.  Since then there has been a lot of speculation locally as to what provision was to be made for the young people who use the pitches on a regular basis.

Since the announcement was made, Clontarf Residents’ Association has been trying without success, to arrange a meeting with either the Order or the Developer in an attempt to get some accurate information as to what is being planned for the site by way of housing development and re-instatement of playing facilities.  

We are reluctant to add to the speculation that is rife in the community so for the moment we are publishing the press releases issued by both parties.


Statement from the Vincentian Community, 19 March 2015

After much consideration the Vincentians have decided to sell roughly half of the overall site which surrounds the Provincial Office and St Paul’s School, Raheny. A contract has already been signed.

We Vincentians no longer have the resources to manage such a large site and must plan for the changing circumstances within our community.

Presently St Paul’s School is in need of investment. As an outcome of the sale the Vincentians will be investing over €7M in upgrading the school and its grounds. We will be providing the capital to build a Multi-purpose Sports Hall, the renewal of the astro pitches and providing the site and the funds to build a new 3G multi-purpose flood lit pitch. These improved facilities are being provided for school and community use. The remainder of the €7M funds will be placed in a trust for the future needs of the school.



New Generation Homes confirms purchase of St Paul’s site

Company reassures local GAA and other interests 

Thursday March 19 2015: New Generation Homes confirms that it has contracted to buy lands at St Paul’s College Raheny, Dublin, from the Vincentian Order.  The company intends to build private homes and improved sports and community facilities on the site, and will shortly begin the planning process in this regard. 

We have already held meetings with some local community groups, coordinated by our advisors WK Nowlan Property, and will be engaging with others in the near future. In particular we have met with the Clontarf GAA Club to reassure them about their continued use of the playing facilities at St Paul’s.

We have confirmed to the Clontarf GAA Club that they will continue to be able to use the playing facilities at the school uninterrupted until we secure planning permission, a process that will take some time.  We will ensure minimal disruption of their use of the facilities during the construction phase that will follow.

Furthermore the Vincentian Order has set aside over €7m from the proceeds of the sale of the land for the provision of new school facilities including a new all-weather pitch, a community sports hall and a trust fund providing for future school needs.

When construction is complete the GAA club and other local groups will have access to the new 3G all-weather full championship size pitch as well as the multipurpose sports hall that will be built next to the school.

New Generation Homes is committed to maintaining dialogue with the local community, including Clontarf GAA, to ensure that the outcome of this development will be of benefit to and will further enhance the local community and surrounding area.

Issued by Murray on behalf of New Generation Homes


UPDATE: The CRA has been contacted by the developers and a meeting has been organised for next week. Further updates to follow.