S2S Works on Clontarf Road: Update from CRA

20 Feb 2017

Sutton to Sandycove (S2S) Works on Clontarf

Road: Update from Clontarf Residents’ Association

Further to our recent update, we have met with our Councillors (CLLRs) and they are fully briefed on the serious issues - lack of progress, further delays on completion dates, lack of information and misinformation, ponding, defects in new road surface etc. – with this project.  

As a result of that meeting, our CLLRs have engaged with Dublin City Council (DCC) Senior Management on our behalf with a view to getting some meaningful progress on these issues.  

At the CLLRs request, DCC met with us and our CLLRs (on Friday 17th February 2017) on one area of particular concern – the lack of progress in relation to reducing the height of the wall opposite St Anne’s Park as per the agreement reached last summer.  

DCC have reaffirmed their commitment to implementing that agreement.  They have commenced the necessary Part 8 process. They have also given us their schedule of works up to implementation in July/August 2017.  Further details on this schedule can be found at the end of this article.

There are two further meetings planned for 28th February and 13th March.  We expect that considerable progress will be made in addressing the concerns raised by the community groups in advance of these meetings. 

The meeting at the end of February will be looking at the very real issues facing the residents living alongside the work zone – ponding, driveway access, road markings, bus stops, junctions, parking - as well as the issues facing the wider community  - junction layouts, possible road closures for resurfacing works to fix defects, lack of programme etc.   

The meeting of the 13th of March will be monitoring progress on the Part 8 with a view to ensuring that the schedule is adhered to so that works can be undertaken without any additional delay. 

If you have any specific concerns that you wish to bring to our attention please email us at clontarf.res.assoc@gmail.com.

Part 8 To Implement the Agreed Reduction in Wall Height opposite St Anne’s Park


DCC have started the Part 8 process necessary to obtain the appropriate

Planning Permission.

There are a number of steps involved in this process but the key dates are as follows:

  • 17/02/17 Road Safety Audit has commenced
  • 13/03/17 EMLC meeting to discuss Preliminary Design Report
  • 20/03/17 North Central Area Committee Meeting to review Part 8 report and initiate statutory planning process
  • 03/04/17 Part 8 on display as part of Public consultation process – 6 weeks
  • 12/06/17 Final Part 8 will be presented by Chief Executive to full Council Meeting for approval
  • July & Aug ’17 Works to reduce wall height to be carried out – subject to Part 8 approval

We have a firm commitment from DCC with regard to implementing the agreement to reduce the height of the wall. The schedule sets out clearly what elements of the process need to be completed and by when. This will help to ensure that the process stays on track and any risks to meeting the implementation deadline are immediately apparent.