S2S Road Closures - Update from CRA

09 Oct 2016

The following is a has been sent to us by the Clontarf Residents Association, regarding road closures to facilitate the S2S road resurfacing works;

The first of the resurfacing road closures comes into effect on Monday 10th of October and will see the James Larkin Road/Clontarf Road closed from Causeway Road to Mt Prospect Avenue.  The Mt Prospect Ave junction will be open during this closure.   

KN Network Services have now applied for a Road Closure Licence from the 24th October to the 27th of November to undertake the remainder of the resurfacing works from Mt Prospect Ave to the junction of Clontarf Road and Kincora Road i.e. just past the Bull Bridge at Kinara.  

The application as advertised is slightly different to what we had been told.

  • Firstly, a single application has been made to cover the entire work area.  However, the intention is still to split the area into two zones.  This split will occur at either Dollymount Ave or Doyle’s Lane
  • Secondly, the duration of the closure is now 5 weeks i.e. one week longer.  This extra week is to allow for delays due to unforeseen circumstances, weather etc. and hopefully will not be needed.

We have until noon on Tuesday 11th October to make observations on this application.  

The practical arrangements for residents during the proposed closures at present are as follows: 

  • Pedestrian access will be maintained at all times.  
  • Limited local access for cars will be available during the morning and evening.  The current suggestion is that this would be from 7.30 to 8.30 am and from 5.30 to 7 pm Monday to Friday.  Weekend arrangements will need further consideration.  
  • There may be periods of zero local access for cars to allow a material to set but every effort will be made to avoid this.
  • Working hours, from Monday through Sunday, will be predominantly between 8am and 8pm.  Some work after these hours may be necessary but this will be restricted to finishing a job that cannot be postponed until the following day e.g. levelling poured concrete.   
  • Emergency service access will be possible at all times.

We will be meeting with KN again next week to discuss temporary bus routes, parking arrangements on the side streets, access for Clontarf Road residents who are unable to walk to the side streets, access for bin lorries, deliveries etc.  If you have any other issues that you would like us to address with KN or to cover in our observations on the current application we would welcome feedback.  Please email us at clontarf.res.assoc@gmail.com. In particular we would like to get the views of the residents living on and near the stretch of the Clontarf Road that will be directly impacted by the closures.  

We would also welcome feedback from anyone with expertise in the area of road resurfacing who may have alternative suggestions or advice.