S2S Resurfacing Road Closures - Update from CRA

20 Oct 2016

The following is an update from the Clontarf Residents' Association regarding road closures to facilitate road resurfacing:

The first of the S2S Resurfacing Works Road Closures - James Larkin Road section of the Coast Road, from Causeway Road to Mt Prospect Avenue - is due to end on Sunday 23rd October at midnight.  This closure will be followed by two further road closures. 

The next road closure will be from:

Mt Prospect Ave to Dollymount Ave

00:00hrs Monday 24th October to midnight Sunday 6th November

In order to make the arrangements for this road closure more accessible to different audiences we have been broken down the information into three categories (posts on each to follow)

1. Traffic Management Plan (click here)

2. Bus Routes (click here)

3. Residents living within the closure area (click here)

This closure will be followed by a 3rd and final road closure from 

Dollymount Ave to the junction of Clontarf Road and Kincora Road

(i.e. just past the Bull Bridge at Kinara)

00:00 hrs on Monday 7th November to midnight on Sunday 26th November

Detailed information on this closure will be made available as soon as possible.

Please remember that the Clontarf Road businesses will remain open and will be accessible from the side streets.  Many of them have special offers on during the closure.  Shop Local!

We will be continuing to engage with DCC, KN and our local Councillors about these closures and the seriously negative impact that they are having on residents.  If there are issues or concerns not covered that you would like us to address or you have any feedback on these plans please email us at clontarf.res.assoc@gmail.com.   In particular we would like to get the views of the residents living on and near the stretch of the Clontarf Road that will be directly impacted by the closures.   

We would like to distribute this information to all of the residents in the affected zone but have limited resources to do a leaflet drop.  If you are willing to help with a leaflet drop please let us know by email to clontarf.res.assoc@gmail.com.