S2S Cycleway Project - Important Statement from CBA & CRA

27 Apr 2015


Clontarf Business Association and Clontarf Residents Association members recently requested a meeting with the engineers involved in the S2S Cycleways project due to commence next week between the Wooden Bridge and Bull Island.

The following is a statement by the engineers in respect of the details of the works to commence Monday 27th of April:

The scheme on behalf of Dublin City Council (DCC) and the National Transport Authority (NTA) started back in 2006 and resulted in a planning approval being granted by An Bord Pleanála in December 2011 to the Dollymount Promenade & Flood Protection Project (DPFPP). This 2km promenade will provide an environmentally sustainable solution for a segregated cycle track and promenade from the Wooden Bridge to Causeway Road on the seaward side of the Clontarf Road and James Larkin Road. The DPFPP have also provided improved flood defence over the full length of the scheme which included repairs to the existing sea walls and new retaining wall construction at the northern & southern end of the site. The current wall to be retained varies in level and will require height adjustments at various locations. Details of wall height adjustments are provided below.  

The segregated cyclist facility consists of a 4.0m wide two-way cycle track with a resin bound surface and associated road markings and signage.  The pedestrian facility will consist of a 2m wide concrete footpath along the length of the route.  The existing road carriageway width will be reduced to accommodate the facility. The project will require the modification of the existing junctions at Bull Road and Dollymount Park.  A number of build-outs are to be constructed along the eastern side of the carriageway to facilitate uncontrolled/controlled pedestrian crossings and bus stops with build outs on the west side to accommodate parking facilities for resident and business owners.  A new drainage system is to be provided including connection to the existing drainage system and outfalls along the length of the route. The existing culvert located opposite St. Anne’s Park is to be extended as part of the works. St Annes Public Car-park will be suspended for the duration of the works to accommodate Office & Welfare Units for the Management & Construction based operatives.  

KN Group on behalf of Dublin City Council have been appointed as the main contractor to carry out the construction works with Roughan O’Donovan Consulting Engineers planning & overseeing the works.  The Project is scheduled to begin on the 27th of April 2015 for a duration of 16 months. Works in the Bull Lagoon area restricted from April to September so the primary focus is to complete the construction of the retaining walls and remedial works within this timeframe. Works on the cycle & footway route will begin at the end of May commencing at the northern end of the site with replacement footpath works on western side of the carriageway working concurrently.  

A letter drop informing residents & business owners was done last week.

Wall height adjustments are as follows:

  • Bull Island Junction to Seafield Road East Junction: Level adjustment of 250mm. First 25metres no level change.
  • Seafield Road East Junction to Dollymount Park Junction: Level adjustment of 250mm & new wall construction.
  • Dollymount Park Junction to Doyle’s Lane Junction: New wall construction to match existing wall heights
  • Doyle’s lane Junction to Dollymount Avenue Junction: New wall construction for 55 metres to match existing levels, no level adjustment to retained wall
  • Dollymount Avenue Junction to The Oaks Junction: First 80 metres level adjustment of 250mm. Remainder of wall, level unchanged
  • The Oaks Junction to Mount Prospect Avenue Junction: No level change
  • Mount Prospect Avenue Junction – Nannihen Stream: Level adjustment of 450mm.

Please click here for a PDF of KN Group’s notification letter.