Road Safety – Slow Down Day – Make Way

21 Oct 2021
Today is national ‘Slow Down Day’ and the CRA are asking everyone to be mindful of their speed when driving. We need to protect all road users and be especially mindful of the more vulnerable in our community e.g. older people crossing the road, young children walking and cycling to school.
A 30kmph speed limit applies throughout most of Clontarf. There are only 4 exceptions to this 30kmph limit and they are Clontarf Road, Castle Ave, Vernon Ave and Seafield Road East where a 50kmph speed limit applies. Remember, it is a limit not a target and your speed should be appropriate for the conditions. Also, when exiting your driveway please drive slowly and be mindful of those on the path.
Clocks will be going back soon which will mean darker evenings so we need to be sure we are visible if we are out walking or cycling. Cyclists are reminded that they must have a rear red reflector on their bike at all times and that a front and rear light are required from half an hour after sunset to half an hour after sunrise.
We also need to be mindful of those with mobility issues. Please don’t park on the footpaths. Doing so may force pedestrians, parents with buggies, wheelchair users or the visually impaired to have to use the road to get by.
Together we can make our neighbourhood a safer more considerate place for everyone!
As always, the CRA welcome feedback, on this or any issue, by email to