🚧 Road Closure Notice 🚧

03 Apr 2023

Please be advised that there will be an additional road closure over the Easter holiday period at Annesley Bridge. East Wall Road will be closed to through traffic at the junction of North Strand Rd and Poplar Row at Annesley Bridge until April 17th.

During the closure period, the traffic signal phase for motorists to cross the junction in each direction between Poplar Row and East Wall Rd will be removed. All traffic approaching from Poplar Row will be diverted left onto Annesley Bridge Road.

To ensure the safety of all pedestrians and cyclists during the closure period the existing pedestrian crossing points on Poplar Row / North Strand / East Wall Road junction will be maintained operational and the southern footpath on East Wall Road will remain open to enable pedestrians and cyclists to pass the Works Area.

The footbridge from East Wall Road to Fairview Park shall remain open as this is outside the extent of the closed area.

Cyclists are kindly requested to dismount at the approach to the junction and works area and to follow the pedestrian route during the closure period. Similarly, when approaching the works from the East Wall Rd side, cyclists are requested to dismount at the works area and follow the pedestrian route past the Works Area. Dublin City Council appreciates your cooperation during this period.
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