Restricted Parking At Dollymount Strand

04 Jul 2014

We've received quite a few emails in the past week about parking restrictions that have been put in place at Dollymount strand. The team have been investigating the issue. We obtained this information from Dublin City Council today.

The parking restrictions have been imposed by Dublin City Council's Parks Department on foot of instructions from the Gardaí.  Traffic management issues on Dollymount Strand have been a major cause of concern and as a result of Garda recommendations, these restrictions will be permanent. The structures that are currently there are temporary until proper traffic cordons can be put in place.

This will obviously have a major impact on the area. About 200 parking spaces will be lost, and with no other provisions in place, congestion is likely to occur. However, it is also important to consider the reasoning of the Gardai. A recent issue highlighted the fact that the parking spaces on the Strand can prevent the emergency services from driving onto the beach. It is irrefutable that emergency services should have easy access onto the beach to help people who get into trouble out on the water. 

We would appreciate your feedback on this issue, as it is a truly difficult situation. What do you think should be done? 

Thanks to Deirdre Donaghy for the photo.