A Home for the Honey Bee

16 May 2017

An experienced beekeeper in Clontarf is seeking another Clontarf resident to provide space in their garden for several beehives. The bees had been kept originally in the beekeeper's, Leon's, home, but have had to be moved to make way for construction which has left Leon in a very sticky situation.

He will do all the beekeeping but would require garden access 1-2 times a week. Ideally, the homeowner has an interest in bees & nature and owns a patch of garden around 8 metres by 2 metres for the hives. Pets are fine as they'll know how to BEEhave around bees. Neighbours are unlikely to be impacted, and may not even notice. The homeowner will have the satisfaction of saving these bees, and will also be supplied with some fresh honey to sweeten the deal. This is a genuine request, you will not be stung by some scam here. Time wasters told respectfully to buzz off.

If you think you can BEE of help, email leon.giblin@gmail.com or call 086-8487330.