Reports of Crime in Clontarf - Notice from CRA

02 Oct 2015

Clontarf Residents’ Association has notified us that there have been several reports of robberies in the area one of which where people call to the door saying they are from Irish Water.  They “need to check the pressure in the kitchen – including under the sink”.   This obviously takes some time which gives the accomplice the opportunity to get upstairs and help themselves.  We have had other reports of several men accessing an open upstairs window while the householder is downstairs.

 We encourage all residents to take precautions that they are not victims to burglaries by ensuring that your property is properly secured.  We advise that you should not allow anybody to enter your house unless you are absolutely sure that their identification is authentic. 

Bicycles should also be well secured even if they are in the back of the house.

Please share this information, particularly with older relatives, neighbours and friends.